The project has many visions on housing, studios, sustainable and local food production and recreation. We sort these into three main categories, housing, community and sustainable future.

1. Housing

An affordable and price adjusted urban ecological experimentation area based in the existing physical structure with a focus on maintenance, climate responsible reuse and food production. Trust in and power to people to shape their own surroundings without drastic change to the valued cultural landscape. Affordable housing, including the existing and new alternative housing solutions for everyone regardless of means and status is a world with increased precarity.

2. Community

A diverse and inclusive and engaged community of care based in active involvement and participation, “dugnadsånd”. Trust and equality based democratic selfgovernance resilient towards environmental and social collapse. Room for practical and theoretical knowledge exchange for all of Trondheim.

3. Sustainable Future

A unique opportunity to make Trondheim to a sustainable forward looking green model. A necessary and adaptable robust blueprint, that can face global challenges locally by increased flexibility and fast adaptability. A circular economic approach to local food production, cultural activity and other grassroots initiatives that give back to the community.